Why App based taxi services are a nonstarter in Goa?

For some time now, the tiny state of #Goa, situated on the #WesternCoast has been one of the most
popular tourist destinations of the country. It’s famed #Beaches known for a vibrant #NightLife are a big attraction as is it’s #CulturalDiversity (ruled as it was by the #Portuguese for almost five centuries) languid #FishingVillages and rich variety of flora & fauna. It is also home to some #WorldHeritage sites including the famous #Basilica of #BomJesus that is thronged by believers from all over. Like many of the #Tropical places of the world Goa witnesses maximum footfalls during certain months of the year what with summers being extremely sultry while the monsoon brings torrential rains. Every year millions of #Tourists descend from everywhere to celebrate #Christmas and usher in the #NewYear. As a result of which long unending #TrafficSnarls are a common sight in the coastal pockets of the state. Cost of travel & accomodation goes through the roof and with public transport being virtually non existent, renting a bike/car is the best option. In fact it is the only option.

In other parts of the country and especially in the big metropolitan cities a #RapidTransit system (like #METRO) is already in place and doing swimmingly well. But in Goa there are no intrastate #Trains in operation. Most of the #Buses which are #PrivatelyOperated are inexpensive & run across the length and breadth of the state but the problem is that these buses usually wind up by early evening itself. So if you are a night owl wanting to soak in the sights at the beach side parties then the bus is pretty much ruled out as an option. Goa is blessed with a number of lakes, rivers and of course there is the omnipresent #ArabianSea. Yet strangely connecting these via #InlandWaterways has not been explored as an option in all these years. Now this arrangement perhaps works fine for the local population but in peak season it sticks out like a sore thumb. What about rental taxis, did you say? Now that is the crux of the problem.

For years #TaxiOperators in Goa have been allowed by a lax administration to do as they please and charge whatever they deem fit. Travellers have complained of the high handedness of these folks saying that their fares are exorbitant, their behavior borders on the obnoxious and they are generally very unreliable. But wait. Surely #AppBasedTaxis are a great way to combat this menace. In fact in the last few years as App based taxis gain in popularity in the neighbouring states (read Mumbai, Bangalore) murmurs have begun that this should become the norm in Goa too. But look at the #ModusOperandi of App based taxi operators and you will realise why they will never work in Goa. The moment you order a taxi using an App, the software inside the App quickly lets you know how soon the cab will arrive at your doorstep and how much the ride will cost too. But how well this system works depends on two simple words – Demand and Supply.

In a sprawling metro the network of taxis are so well connected that most times you will not have to wait too long for a taxi to arrive. There is always a cab in the vicinity. More importantly once the taxi driver has dropped you off to a chosen destination he will usually have another pickup & drop request ready for him. That is how these App based taxi operators are able to give you cheap, fast and reliable rides. On the one hand if the supply is found lacking customers will have to wait endlessly for the ride whereas if the demand is less the taxi driver will not find it feasible. Either way the well oiled system that works so well in the metros will come undone. With the local population happy to make do with the existing public transport, the onus of using these App based services will fall on the tourists. Now for two to three months of business which company would be willing to put up with losses throughout the year? This will also mean that using App based taxis might cost you a whole lot more. Which brings us back to square one. Developing inland waterways is a step that is necessary but that is a long term solution. What is the way out, right now? Your guess is as good as mine.

“India makes me to come back again….”

India is one of such kind of places that unbelievably attract at the same time can disappoint people.There are  so many places in the world that are so appealing, wonderful and mysterious. In fact, whole the world is incredible and mysterious in our life. But India is specifically incredible country.

There are overwhelming evidence to suggest that foreigners, tourists and particularly students who are doing their studies abroad persuaded the fact that they love India as well as it irritates and tension them. It is very interesting to know here how it can give two controversy impression on  people. In most cases , people’s first impression about India do not come out the thing that they expected from…it’s usually desperation , frustration, irritation…

As a matter of fact, there are too many facts that make you sad and you can’t ignore, when we speak about country of romance and love.  The main one is that, most of the cities of India are polluted and dirty, more worse citizens do it themselves. Surprisingly, most of the people worship people, cricketers so badly that makes you think they are crazy. It’s a pity to see even after several years of independence people, in particular children suffering from starvation , eating leftovers in the streets, disrespect to women ,violence, protests, urinating outsides, spitting, big queues in  banks and  governmental offices…Regretfully, despite all these facts, people continue to live in  utter ignorance….  These are sorrowful reality that you come across in India, real life besides the curtain, besides the films that they produce where life is beautiful.

Here is the words of the student who came to Hyderabad for the first time to study: “After the pick  up of all students at the airport by EFLU university transport we started our way towards hostel. Everyone with emotions was looking around  to see what India shows about itself. Airport was amazing, however from the time when the bus came inside Hyderabad city, everyone’s eyes become bigger and bigger from astonishment….dark, dirty, slums, people sleeping outside; walking without shoes, cooking at the streets, men’s taking a leak outside without any shamelessness….    oooh, it is nightmare, where  we came? This is India we dreamed? “- everyone was asking these questions. Unexplainably, it knocked me out more , when I saw in people and experienced myself during the period of living , I loved India, I felt like my home. When  first time I came to India for a short period, after some months of culture shock, it draws me more. It was difficult to separate with the place , where I was happy. It made me to come back again. And I know more people who do this…”

It is not only one person’s confession, many foreigners acknowledge that whenever they want to make a trip or change the atmosphere they come to India in spite of the fact that they have been here before.

India is magical and romantic. India is happiness. India is incredible. It ties down without the threads to itself. It’s colorful culture, various delicious cuisine, beautiful landscapes, specialty of mountains and beaches, bright holidays and festivals that you cannot see in another place, different national costumes…. These are all the principal features that are unique and has brought India up in the popularity charts all over the world. Moreover, Indian nation are very friendly, lovely kind and hospitable, as well as there are more good people in India than anywhere else. You hear  anywhere that they habitually ready to help people, especially if it is foreigners.

One more  interesting fact is that, maybe it is the only country which have so much issues such as poverty, suicides, rapes, society problems…but the people consider it positive and take it easy. They know the way how to solve these problems; even though most of them are starving and have nothing to wear, they are happy.

All in all , it can be concluded with the words that India is a place of inspiration, plenty of inspiration. Everything inspires you , the Himalayas, holidays, people, the beaches, cuisine, culture, even the smell of the land…..