” Real life begins at night….”

By day each soul must walk within its shadow,
Only night can make us whole again….
Nicholas Gordon.

God creatings are always amazing. Night is also like this. Though it is dark and black, but attractive and charming. Have you ever looked up to the sky and just stare in amazement at  how beautiful it is? It is cool, clear and quiet. Night like this …is perfect.

In fact , we have day and nights, because the earth rotates. When the earth faces away from the Sun, it doesn’t receive any light, so we have nights. Night- it is the period of darkness between the sunset and sunrise,  time between morning and evening. It is the tune of darkness between one day and the next the time of the day when no light from the sun can be seen.

There are so many things in our life associated with night. When we speak about the night, there are advantages and disadvantages, good and bad ideas about it. Various culture, literature have different opinion about night. For instance, in Islam night is considered significant, as the QUR’AN was revealed during the Night of Power, Prophet Muhammad had his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem in the night and etc. Nevertheless, in some literatures , night oftenly linked with darkness which is historically symbolic in many cultures for villainy, lack of knowledge. They say, night is often associated with danger and evil. People say  night is danger and evil, as they have belief that ghosts, vampires wonder around absolutely during night time.

On the other hand there are advantages as well. As artificial lighting has improved, especially after Industrial Revolution, night time actively increased in our life and become an essential part of economy in most places. A lot of establishments like shops, markets , night clubs , pubs, fast food restaurants , distribution facilities, police stations now operate 24 hours a day or stay open at least until 1 or 2 am. Sometimes moonlight also make it possible to travel or work outdoors at night.

Must be remembered here that , real life begins at night. Night is the time of fantasy. It is the moments of romance, time of dreaming and relaxation. It is inspirational to see illuminations and lights in the streets, the moon, stars and the dark blue sky at night that highlight the beauty of the night once more.  While during the whole day when most people are awake and busy with work and other things, night time is given for them to take a rest, enjoy. The most important job of the night is sleeping, it prepares our body for tomorrow’s hard day , repairs.

Different from the day, though day is much more productive than night, there is still something really fascinating , charming and personal in night. Why do you think that most of the couples choose night for dating? Most of the holiday celebrations are also done at night. Because night is different. And everything totally different at night. You notice things you didn’t before. It is impossible to imagine night without sparkling streetlights. The streetlights , other outside lights make everything around you seem foreign and exciting. Lights shine more brightly because of the contrast with the darkness surrounding them as they usually are overwhelmed by  the sun day time.

At night we are all strangers even to ourselves. The feeling of loneliness and emptiness that often night brings  can be thought-provoking. Minds work better and memories become stronger. Flashback always seem to come at night with more clarity that allows you to think better. Most solutions are thought up at night, the trick is remembering them next day! When you think about the day automatically comes to your mind hectic schedule, the arranges you have to run, the work you have to done. Nighttime is the time you can distress and get some alone.

Night is so beautiful and unique time that should be taken advantage of. Night time we get the chance to enjoy peace and quite in places you never  would  during day time. The cool windy weather of the night make you feel refresh and relax. Night appeal and charm people to make conversations. The most memorable and meaningful conversations with family and friends happen in the middle of the night. There must be something comforting about nighttime, because people tend to open up and get in deep discussions only then. Night- time to do whatever you want!