We don’t want love, we want unstoppable fun…

In today’s world making relationship become so tough and unbearable. It’s mostly similar to cheating because we are ok when there is a communication shortcuts. From the time when majority of the countries accepted “American Democracy”  and of course the impact of new innovative technologies changed the whole world of the people; common relationships like love , friendship, attitudes between parents and children have been modified remarkably. Observing the people around you easily understand most of the things become artificial. In addition to it, many countries government accepted and stated the fact that everyone is free of opinion and has full of rights despite their gender, race and religion. This is the reason why to some extend the attitude to women, their place in society and their behavior have been changing still  and treatments towards them as well. This also has influenced to the  interpretation of treatments or relationships.

Let’s take love, love between boy and girl become so easy and feeling-less nowadays. Seems like inspirable and real love that we read on book and watched on TV is far more different. Before it was so thrilling to see guys doing their best to keep their love, to please them, to fight for them if someone is disagree for their love and even after separating they never change their love  to another, keep  loving the one through their whole life…. Seeing this , you wanted to love… As the name is saying , it was in books …not in reality. Today’s youth are too much careless about their relationship. When distance separating them or when they fight, none side does any afford to save their love, because of  their pride , in this way they fall apart and love vanishes as well. And it doesn’t take long when you see them with another one , another entertainment. Why it is like this? Why it becomes so easy? It is not love we are looking for, only excitement and thrill in life. We want someone to watch movies and party with, not someone who understand us even in our deepest silence.

Not only love, friendship treatments also modified. Who were unseperatable true friends before, now are not talking and  looking to each other. For the sake of business and benefit, own priority one can today trick and betray even long years friendship. And the most surprising fact is that , these friends and lover  couples mostly live, study or are working in the same establishments and when they come across to each other they behave themselves soo artistic like don’t know each other.

The only question that comes to mind every time: why ? why people become so careless, rude? what is the main reason not caring about anything and anyone? It turns out , we forgot what is making sacrifices, the compromises, to invest our time and energy to maintain our relationship last and love grow… That’s why most youth are not looking for love. They just want unstoppable fun, lots of fun, thrilling and amazing experiences that last long. And if we don’t get excitement, bored from any relationship, here we crave, go on to the next one. This is how modern relationships form based on conveniences. Because we think that we don’t have time and patience to long relationships, to develop love. Instead of meeting to face to face, making physical  relationship, we are used to chatting, writing and texting in various social sites. That is also one of the major sources that tremendously affecting to the attitude between people. This, on it’s way producing cold faces and treatments. We start preferring attraction instead of love. And whenever we disappointed or  someone doesn’t meet our expectations, we immediately break up... so sad…so sorrowful. This is the reality of present times.

All things considered , it seems reasonable to assume that love is sacred feeling, and it is not given to everyone. Together with, relationships are valuable, doesn’t matter which kind of. It’s not easy to conquer someone’s heart and belief, once you did it, appreciate it. Don’t use technology as a dating resource, value time and people, as they both precious. Do an afford to make unforgettable memories that makes you live forever in the mind of the people, not just time-pass.