An enigmatic soothsayer called Nostradamus

 It is not always that a blog authored by a little known European scribe about a 15th century French soothsayer creates ripples in the Indian subcontinent. But that is exactly what happened with a blog written by a certain Mr Francois Gautier and it was about the very famous Nostradamus. In this blog of his, Gautier makes a startling revelation that while sifting through an old trunk of his, he stumbled upon some ‘hidden’ manuscripts of the 15th century soothsayer. Then liberally quoting passages from those manuscripts, Gautier points out that Nostradamus had actually predicted about the emergence of a ‘supreme’ leader from the state of Gujarat. And when he adds that the first name happens to be Narendrus, it leaves no doubt in one’s mind about who Gautier is referring to, in the blog. Media channels, print & television, picked up the story and started running it and before you knew it there was just one name on everyone’s lips. No not Gautier, not even Modi. But Nostradamus.

It was at the beginning of this decade (read 2010) that this #15thCenturySoothsayer first gained
worldwide popularity when word spread that he had predicted in his writings about the world coming to an end in the year 2012. Before you knew it every big, small and large media group, TV channel and filmmaker jumped into the fray all wanting to cash in by playing up the fears of the public at large. Not one person bothered to check the fact that there is no mention of the year 2012 in any of his writings let alone a word about the end of our world. Ask anybody who knows a bit about Nostradamus and they will tell you that most of his prophecies are all completely undated and it is this one facet of this French soothsayer that makes him so popular more than 500 years after his death.

There was another thing too. Fearing a backlash by powerful leaders of that time (both political & religious)for his many predictions, Nostradamus deliberately used a mixture of various languages like Latin, Greek and Italian with the objective of making the meaning of his writings as vague & obscure as possible. Professional astrologers from his time like Laurens Videl did not think highly of Nostradamus and his work calling him out for his incompetence on the subject of astrology. With the meaning of his writings being open to all kinds of interpretation, it is no wonder that in every era there have been those who have interpreted a momentous event as one that was already predicted by Nostradamus. Simply because it suited them. Truth of the matter is that #Nostradamus probably had no great powers that allowed him to peek into the future. Nostradamus was a con artist, nothing more.

Which brings us back to that blog by this gentleman called Gautier and what were the motivations behind this ‘old trunk’ tale that he had cooked up. Turns out that the very same ‘old trunk’ had quite mysteriously appeared in a 2003 book written by Gautier and ironically the title was ‘Rewriting Indian history’ #FrancoisGautier who came to India in the late 60s as a 19 year old and has been here since is more an Indian than a Frenchman, really. A self confessed supporter of the controversial Hindutva ideology that aims to establish the hegemony of the majority in the country, he has been misinterpreting Nostradamus to suit his political ideology for over two decades now. What is baffling is that people still keep falling for his trick after all these years! More baffling is how this fake blog made it’s way to the columns of the largest English-language daily in the world?! Times of India? You betcha.

Heart of the city Hyderabad- heart shaped Hussain Sagar

From a long time it was curious for some people to find out why the Hyderabadi people like coming and gathering in Hussain Sagar Lake? What specialty has this place? Everyone knows the fact that, Hyderabad is full of attractive places to visit, however this place appeals  more that day and night crowded with people. Definitely, all these recreationals here like Buddha Statue, various type of boating , greenery surrounding that one can make picnic,  outing with family or friends, cruising are unrejectable enjoyable facts that people come to this lake in spite of that it is artificial. But majority of population of Hyderabad come to refresh their mind and themselves, to sit and walk around the lake, particularly night time it  is more beautiful and attractive. As well as , the more  information I revealed about Hussain Sagar , the more tremendously it referred to the history. It came out that, it is not just a simple lake.

Hussain Sagar lake is the largest heart shaped mark among the marks: 78 heart shaped lakes and 9 heart shaped islands on the face of the earth. The lake has international remarkable appreciation throughout the world, becoming the symbol of love as it is heart shaped spot. It express the wonder, discover of love among the nations.

A heritage of India was declared as Heart of the World  by UNWTO on 27 September 2012, on the occasion of  World Tourism Day, for being the world largest heart shaped  mark. Logo for the “Heart of the World” was inaugurated  by H.E Mr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, United Nations  World Tourism Organization.(UNWTO), Madrid-Spain, in the year 2013.

The real story of establishing this beautiful heritage is much appealing. The heart shaped man- made lake was built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah. The king built this lake for the purpose of drinking water and irrigation showing his deep love towards his nation. He appointed one of his subordinates at the same time relative Hussain Shah Wali to control the construction of the artificial lake . It was sprawled across on the tributary of the river Musi and was built in 1562. Hussain Sagar lake was the main water source supply to Hyderabad before Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar were built on the river Musi. it is spread across the area of 5.7 square km and the maximum depth of the lake is 32 feet.

The lake initially constructed to provide a drinking water to people but it is not used as a drinking water source since 1930. It was named after Hazrath Hussain Shawali-Sufi saint medical practitioner and architect of the lake, to express gratitude for the Hussain’s treatment  that was given to the king during his sickness and made him recover from sickness.

The uniqueness of the lake lies in the fact that it connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It has been bordered by Indian Park, Sanjeevaiah Park and Lumbini Park; the lake present the setting quite rare to find in the middle of any city.

The most significant attraction of the Sagar lake is the Statue of Buddha on the Gibraltar Rock. This Buddha is the world tallest monolithic stone statue Gautama Buddha located in Hyderabad. It stands over a concrete platform measuring 15 feet tall as ” The Rock of Gibraltar” was constructed in the middle of Hussain Sagar to aid on erecting the statue. The statue was constructed by Sri N. T Rama Rao-Prime Minister of Andhra Pradesh at that time between 1983 to 1989. The idea of building the statue came to his mind when he was visited New York and saw astonishing beauty of Statue of Liberty. Which after decided to build such symbol in Hyderabad as well for the development of culture and it will be his contribution to Indian society. His words sounded priceless when he said about Buddha: “he was a humanitarian, who told the whole truth to the people as will always  be pride of Indian culture for he preached peace.”

Though there were some unpleasant cases with the Buddha Statue at that time, nowadays it is the most favorite fascinate place of the people.

To the list of interesting and enjoyable things in H. Sagar includes various type of boating such as speed boating, motor boating , parasailing and etc. Lake and it’s environs have several scenic spots. The roads around the lake Tank Bund or nice Necklace Road shared the beauty of the lake, especially at night you stuck by tiny sparkle of the raw of lights outlining the lake.

Giving these points , its important to realize that Hussain Sagar is a location people always select to spend their time with pleasure. Particularly, beautiful gardens on both sides, decorated foot path and benches draw attention and habitually these places are busy in the evenings. Because people regularly come  here to see the view of illuminated night, breath fresh air. They say, together with these all it is a perfect place for sitting and thinking about life, world. Thus  ever most of the working people in returning to their homes once visit this  space. Just because they like it. And in the evenings you can find young generation who are having fun around Hussain Sagar. Just because they like it. There are 33 attractive spots in the State of Andhra Pradesh, but Hussain Sagar is special one.