Some people don’t believe in heroes, they have never met my DAD

my dad
my dad

Today, when I am going to tell about father’s in the world, the main question which I want to ask from majority are -Who is father for  us ? What is his role in our life? How much do they matter? How much we need him? What is the place of the father in the physical and psychological growth of children? and etc  make us rethink about their roles in our life.

Father…..Father’s are like mothers- irreplaceable. There is no doubt that mothers play an all-important leading role in the lives of their children. They are obvious heroes of children rearing. But what about fathers? Just how important are the dads of the world compared to the almighty image of mother? My belief is that, fathers play just as important a role as mothers. They have a significant impact in the growth and emotional development of their children, daughters and sons alike.

All the children are generally  attached to their parents from their childhood. Each parent has a special role responsibility and place. Father is significant in a family life.There are large and undeniable difference between the full families with parents and families with single parent. Fathers are angels sent from the heaven. The only person you can depend on is your father;the one who mortgages his own dreams to fulfill yours-is father! In fact, father is the man of the family; he is the column of the family, he is protector; he is provider and leader as well as father is a teacher an example for children. He is the king of his queen(mother), he is hero. In short, he is everything for family members. He is the one whom he should be-father!

With this in mind, I would like to tell that my father has deepest sense and place in my life. The love I feel to my father is different and huge. The more I think about him the more become my admiration and love to him, the more I want to tell and praise, the more  things want to do for the sake of him, more and more…. While I remember his deeds, his strives and attempts for the prosperity, well- being of children, I assured once more that, he is the best one.

I know him….he is very generous, open-hearted, kind and friendly; intelligent ans smart. I am appealed when he works, earn money and bring all these to his family. He does everything for his children. The first person who he thinks is his children-not himself, not his wife, no any another one. He sacrifice, does compromises his wishes, dreams for me and my brothers; put our well -being first. Particularly, I am astonished the way he gives advises, the lovely and polite way he explains something without lauding his voice, the words he choose to be understandable for us. I never forget the times when he is angry with us or upset, when my brothers specifically do something wrong. Every time when they don’t listen to him and make problems such as with  police or fighting’s and it usually happens when there is no good condition at that moment. I am fascinated how he keeps his anger in any events, doesn’t shout or beat any of them, just maintain calmness and tries to find a way from this situation -definitely at the end he finds it. Because  I know, not everyone able to keep quite when they are angry, outraged and disrespected. How many times his head was down before his brothers and children, other relatives because of the youthfulness of his children, how many times he put aside his pride  before people for the sake of his children- these are features and deeds that not everyone able to do; even not every father!!! Just he!

Furthermore he acquires such characteristics of ideal man that impossible to stay invisible. He has a great patient and he is brave. More, he is foresighted, kind and humble. Even if we are in a sad or difficult times he usually does an attempt to change the situation to humor, giving positive and hope to others. What else I love about him is that my father always support my interests and activities, stimulate you forward. The strong communication with him and firm bond pushed me  to get education and be knowledgeable.

My father- he is a person who lets you  experiment life in your own way and pulls you up when you fall; lets you get angry  on him and loves you more after that; lets you see things your own way and then gives his view point; the one who is with you always- especially when you need him! It is only person who  believes you weather you fall or fail; weather you cry or sob; he pick you up; brushes you off and lets you try again. This is what means love unconditionally! he gave most precious things for my whole life. One is love with sacrifice, the second is education with spirituality. He is my teacher taught me  the responsibility of my thoughts, attitude and actions. Told me the seed of greatness is responsibility. He is a great man!

Countless studies show the importance of father’s role in early childhood and it is now considered to be an important factor in a child’s overall social competence, social initiative , social maturity and the capacity to relate to others. Every child needs an involved and loving father.

All things considered I may tell that life doesn’t come with an instruction book. That’s why we have fathers! My father is my power, he is mountain to lean on, he is my everything. Any time I think about him, his kindly looking eyes and care for me always make me cry and increase my love to him. He taught me the reality of life, he taught me to believe in myself. His favorite sayings “can’t is in the book of fools”; “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today” and many other quotes he used have been my own internal motivational soundtrack throughout my life. Because of my father I understood from a young age that perseverance and hard work are the keys to everything in life, school, work, relationship.

Perhaps, some of you say that all fathers are like this, kind and protectors to children. Maybe you will be right! But i don’t think so, because my father is different , he is not all. They say ” Becoming a father easy enough, but being one can be very  rough” , ” Any man can be a father, but only someone special be real DAD” , “real hero”.

I love him. I am lucky to have him as my father. I appreciate him so much for being in my life.