Anand Kumar – The humble visionary behind Super 30

 Meet Arbaaz Alam. His father ekes out a living selling eggs on the roadside in the Bihar Sharief locality of Nalanda district. Then there is Aditya Anand, son of Gautam Pandey who works as a labourer at some factory. Or even Kundan Kumar. His father Manoj Kumar Verma has a roadside clothshop. And let us not forget Abhishek Kumar whose father is a priest. How about the twins, Sumit Raj and Subham Raj whose father runs a small hardware shop? Each of the kids at the #RamanujanSchoolOfMathematics comes from an economically backward class and have got awe inspiring tales to recount. It is only through sheer grit, determination and hard work that all these #Super30 candidates have been able to crack the #IIT-JEE. And without a doubt they all owe it to Anand Kumar, a Maths teacher from the state of #Bihar who started this pathbreaking educational program in the year 2002.

Anand Kumar knew all there was to know about poverty. His father was a clerk in the postal department who could not afford private schooling for his children. But Kumar was no ordinary kid. It was while studying in a Hindi medium government school that he developed a keen interest in #Mathematics and after graduating he secured an admission in the prestigious #CambridgeUniversity. But the untimely death of his father and the financial condition of his family put paid to his dreams. He would study vigorously during the day and go around with his mother every evening selling papad (or Papadum as some call it) to make ends meet. It was around this time that Kumar started a small institute titled The Ramanujan School of Mathematics with just two students but within two to three years this number rose to about 500. The turning point came in the year 2000 when a student approached Kumar seeking coaching for the IIT-JEE but being poor could not afford to pay Kumar. Thus was born the idea for #Super30.

In the year 2002, The Ramanujan School of Mathematics started competitive tests for students hailing from economically weaker sections of the society and the best of them, thirty to be exact, were enrolled in the Super 30 program. As part of this Super 30 program, for one year Kumar provides free food & lodging for these students while coaching them (even providing all relevant study material) to crack the IIT-JEE. It is said that Kumar’s mother herself cooks food for these students while his brother manages the day-to-day affairs. In the last 15 years close to 400 (396 to be exact) of 450 students who enrolled for the Super 30 have cracked the IIT-JEE which is a success ratio of about 88%. What makes this achievement special is that the IIT-JEE admits only 8000 students out of about six million odd who apply every year and it is known as one of the toughest entrance examinations in the world.

As word about Super 30 spread far and wide, Kumar has been bestowed with accolades and awards. The man who could not afford a foreign education due to his humble background has been invited by reputed universities like #MIT and #Harvard to speak about his pioneering efforts in the field of education. Government organisations and private institutions from all over the world have offered to provide Kumar with financial assistance but he has politely declined. Nor does he accept any donations for his noble endeavour. To this day it is by running evening classes in Patna that his team raises the funds needed for Super 30. Speaking to the press after his Super 30 had yet again miraculously scored a 100% thisyear, Kumar felt this was the opportune moment to take his Super 30 to other parts of the country.

More power to you, Mr Kumar. May your tribe grow.

Osmania University- 100 years of faithful service to the nations development

Osman Ali Khan:

“It should offer education that is harmonious blend of the knowledge and culture of ancient and modern times to remove defects created by present education system.”

Osmania University is one of the premier institutions of high education making higher education accessible, affordable and meaningful to lakhs of students all around India and globally as well. Osmania- is the seventh oldest in India, the third oldest in South India and the first to be established in the State of Hyderabad. The public state University was founded in 1918 with the help of the chief- architect  Mahbub Ali Khan- Nawab Sarwar Jung and was named after the seventh and last Nizam of Hyderabad, Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan.

The birth of Osmania University equal to the renaissance in the Indian educational system. Throughout its existence over the whole century, It has shown remarkable development and has grown into one of the major Universities of India. The students of  Osmania University or alumni in comparison to another universities distinguished themselves in various spheres of life, becoming important figures of public life such as Chief Ministers, eminent scholars, diplomats, layers, doctors, engineers, Legislators and etc. Most compelling evidence is that , several alumni of University by continuation of their further education and training later abroad , have notably contributed to the national effort as well as for  the name of the country abroad while they won international acknowledgement. At present, many of Osmania graduators hold senior positions in largest corporations and companies all over the world.

With the glorious past and inspiring future Osmania still maintaining to serve to the prosperity of the nation. Today, as a multi-faculty, multi-campus, residential and affiliating University, it offers various undergraduates, postgraduates, research and professional programs. It offers a wide- variety of courses consistent with the requirements of the times through 54 departments comprising the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Commerce, Management, Law, Engineering, Technology, Education, Oriental Languages and Informatics. The Universities reputation for academic excellence attracts students from the State, Country and the World. As University strongly believes that international corporation holds the key to the pursuit of excellence of  in higher learning.

That is absolutely important thing to mention that Osmania University nurtures globally competitive skills to students not only in India, however abroad as well. Almost nearly all the International students have been doing their studies in this university in India. For this reason, the University launched  -The University Foreign Relations Office (UFRO) in 1999 as a nodal agency to deal with various issues relating to the admission of international students and exchange programs involving several foreign universities. The University has good collaboration with leading institutions abroad. The UFRO assists in fostering relations between the universities both Indian and foreign and helps in exchange programs involving staff, scholars and students. The intake of foreign nationals into Osmania University  has been increasing tremendously each year. This is indeed one more reason how Osmania is respected and evaluated by people, well-known and great.

Together with, this year-2017 Osmania is celebrating centenary of its inauguration. The centenary celebration which has been a grant affair not only in Telangana, but in whole India. All the students of Osmania, guests and Telangana people actively participated. the chief guest of the celebration President Pronab Mukherjee, in addition with Telangana Governor ESL Narasimhan, OU Vice Chancellor S. Ramachandram graced the occasion. Even S Ramachandram- OU Vice Chancellor stated and highlighted  the contribution of Osmania by bringing as an example the words of the poet Gaddar. The words of OU Vice Chancellor in the inauguration got a stirring applause from the students, especially when he sang a song “amma Osmania ” the crowd erupted chanting. “OU helped shape my political activism, and I am fortunate  to carry with me the songs of Telangana to all over the world. I am proud of my alma-mater.” The university has been sharing its achievements, glorious past, challenges and determining future plans in this historical event. OU centenary started on April 26, 2017 and will continue the whole year until April 25, 2018.

As can be seen,  Osmania University nowadays is a national leader in teaching and research. It provides various opportunities of higher education and research for international and domestic students. University caters to the students of varying interest, abilities, backgrounds and expectations. Possessing constant vision ( develop, enhance and improve the quality of human resources,  to meet the challenges of regional, national and global socio-economic changes) and mission ( to achieve excellence in teaching and research and to create opportunities for the students to contribute to the national and regional development )  Osmania keep on giving competent higher educational services. For these consistency and successes in the past, the University has been re-accredited with highest rating of “A” grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of India. Moreover, it has been conferred the coveted status of University with Potential for  Excellence (UPE) by the University Grants Commission in 2012 making it one of the top five Universities in the Country. Keeping in the view the need for high standard education and world class facilities the University has taken up several new initiatives at present times  to make remarkable changes in teaching, learning and research.