Unpredictable Indian Movies attract without fail..

   India….India is the home of the great number of film productions. Particularly, in film industry this country is inimitable. To my thinking, the specialty of Bollywood(the second name) is identified by it’s anciety, largest multilingual cinema in terms of ticket selling and annual film production. Indian movies are well-known internationally by their sensibility, Bollywood musicals, successful musical films of India in different languages such as hindi, tamil, telugu, malayalam and others inspired western world. And Indian cinema has been recognized and nominated by many International Awards, for instance American Academy Awards( Lagaan 2001). This means the credibility of the movies are high as well as remarkable. Indian cinema box office sell goes at the same level as American and British cinema.

Indeed, Bollywood movies have rather different sensibilities than any typical Hollywood movie: including songs and dances inserted in unexpected places, simplistic storylines,  lots of exposition. There are many Bollywood movies that are as good as any movie produced elsewhere, even better.

Here, I should mention one fact that , whole my expectation and real film making process is totally different. The outstanding Indian films I watched in my country were impressive and effective, full of lights, romantic and musical, and the flow of the movie left like a real life story. Touch hearts…Nevertheless, reality is not that much….seems.

Seeing the real film making process gives a different imagination. From the initial shooting observation and furthers as well, I understand that, all the process of film making is not as much real as  it shows in movies. Let me tell my experience about this from the beginning… I am a citizen of Uzbekistan, one of the Central Asia countries. As all common students who want to continue their education, get experience, particularly see different style of education in foreign languages I decided to test my success as well and applied for Indian Cultural Program -study abroad. Fortunately, after some steps of examination process, once the official representative of Indian Center in our country informed me that I am accepted to one of the popular universities in India. With huge emotions and thrilling heart I got ready to study abroad.

Now I am in India. A student of Osmania University in Hyderabad. In reality, its a great pleasure and beneficial to study among multilingual and cultural students. However, I have  experienced another thing here and it is amazing. Through the chain of foreigners under the control of main coordinator they have, most foreign students are involved in movie shootings. Once I was asked “would you like to go to shooting?”, not knowing any idea about it , as  my friends were also going, I agreed. In my country I have never experienced film making process, that’s why it was curious for me to go there.

I was shocked by the artificiality of  whole the  film making process. There was nothing similarity as in movies I used to watch. In movies it gives the impression that all the scenes are happening in real life, but far not like this. Everything is predicted , created, acted and so on. Take an example of location- in some films it shows that the film is taken abroad with beautiful landscape, natural places, but in fact, it is just well done decoration or some places not out of the country. Majority actions of the hero’s, emotional scenes played by them are acted. Furthermore, lights are highlighted.

When you watch your favorite movie, that inspired you so much , at the same time when you see all the story is not as much real as it seems to be, you feel- you cool down. Looks like all you believed, stimulated is false. For the first days my feelings was disappointed, discouraged. “You are not the first person to feel this..”- told me one day one of the assistant directors in shootings. Majority feel this when they see process of film making, including me. But,indeed, its reality. All films done in this way. It’s acting. Films are produced by actors playing the role of hero’s written as in the scripts.” I accept- he was right!

In spite of small shock I had, I come to the conclusion, I still like….movies motivate and educate… Yes, Indian movies are really incredible as India itself. First they shock, and again make you love more….


The Common Man’s Party – Is this the end of the road?

It all began in the year 2011 with the emergence of India against Corruption (IAC) an organisation that sought to take on rampant corruption in public life. The Grand Old Party of India, the Congress had got itself embroiled in some massive scams and the IAC sought to create an ombudsman (read Lokpal) that would put to the sword #government servants accused of corruption. The IAC led by veteran social activist, #AnnaHazare and a motley group consisting of ex cops, retired judges, lawyers and #bureaucrats gained in traction mainly among the urban voters and the youth connecting with the anti #corruption crusade.

But an year down the line cracks began to emerge within the IAC. A group within the organisation felt that the creation of an ombudsman was too simplistic a solution and it was necessary for IAC to take the political plunge to be able to really change the system. This group was headed by an ex bureaucrat by the name of Arvind Kejriwal. By the end of 2012, Kejriwal launched his party on the plank of anti corruption. It was called the Aam Aadmi Party (The Common Man’s Party)

In 2013 the Aam Aadmi Party fought the assembly elections in the national capital of Delhi and riding the wave of anti incumbency they came to power but it was a minority government where the elected CM Kejriwal and the Congress who provided outside support never saw eye to eye. It was to nobody’s surprise when in February of 2014 a mere 49 days after assuming the reins, Kejriwal resigned citing legal impasse on the passing of #Lokpal.

Critics of the Delhi CM, including some ex IAC members began talking of his high handedness and his attitude which they alleged was almost dictatorial. The fledgling party decided to contest the 2014 General elections where they lost dismally. The Hindu Nationalist Party of India, the BJP led by it’s charismatic Gujarati leader Narendra Modi came to power with an overwhelming mandate from the people of the country. Many political experts felt that this was the end of the road for the Common Man’s Party.

In the national capital that was under President’s rule since Kejriwal resigned, election dates for the assembly elections were announced in 2015. Opponents riled Kejriwal calling him a deserter who had run away from his responsibilities and the #BJP riding on the wave of the new PM Modi’s popularity was expected to blow away the Aam Aadmi Party. But almost miraculously it was the AAP that swept away it’s more fancied opponents and Kejriwal got a second term. The people had kept their faith in a new party that promised the people Swaraj, (read self governance) a party that talked of governance without corruption & communally polarising politics.

There was talk of young and educated Indians leaving plush jobs to work for a greater cause, the nation. Yet all the talk was short lived and within a few months the #Delhi #CM fell out with the Prime Minister. Thus began the most acrimonious war of words between the two parties, the AAP and the BJP. Kejriwal accused the center of unnecessarily meddling in affairs of an democratically elected government while his opponents called him simply incompetent. And also someone who had little regard for the rule of Law.

While both parties fought bitter battles for power in courts, Kejriwal started nursing national ambitions for his Common Man’s Party and began taking on the BJP everywhere, in various states. But Modi had a trump card up his sleeve – demonetisation. As much as the Delhi CM criticised the move calling it a disaster for rural and backward India, truth is that the PM had usurped the anti corruption plank that the #AAP had made it’s own. Just like the people of Delhi had reposed faith in #Kejriwal to give him a second term, the people of India gave a huge thumbs up to the radical move to demonetise.

BJP swept elections in India’s largest state making it almost guaranteed that Modi will be the PM again, come 2019. For the Common Man’s Party ambitions of growing nationally were thwarted with abject defeats in the states of #Goa & #Punjab. Naysayers are again going to town announcing the demise of the new entrant, the #AamAadmi #Party. But knowing #Indian politics, one feels that there are a lot many twists to this tale. Watch this space for more.

Is reality television a boon or a bane?

Last week the winner of a popular reality show on a regional television channel attempted to commit suicide. It was in a live broadcast on a popular social media channel off the internet. Fortunately the boy’s friends took him to the hospital in time thus saving his life. Not as lucky was 11 year old dancing star from the financial capital of India, Neha Sawant. After having lost on three reality dance competition shows she was made to quit all these shows in order to concentrate on studies by her parents and this led to the drastic step she took. Which once again underscores the kinds of pressures that young boys, girls and kids have to go through on a daily basis once they climb on the ‘Reality TV’ bandwagon. If those who win these reality shows have to put up with the challenges of constant adulation and staying in the limelight, those who lose have to keep trying while keeping their chin up. And all this while a billion people watch and judge their every move intently.

And this is the truth of #RealityTelevision, not just in India but in the west as well where reality shows have been around for much longer. Just last month #MTV reality show star #ClayAdler shot himself during a trip to the desert with friends. In fact according to a chilling statistic, during the last decade about 21 reality show contestants have all killed themselves in the United States alone. Now do the math for the other countries. From the 60s through the 70s, live TV shows usually used to focus on sports and it was only a decade later that showed contestants marooned in an island (#Survivor) or locked up in a house (#BigBrother) watched by cameras all over became popular. By the late 90s reality TV shows were omnipresent with every channel having some reality show or the other. If it was not dating, it was cookery, or singing or dancing. Anything.

Life in the spotlight is tough for most people even those who have stayed in the constant glare for years. So one can only imagine how unforgivingly harsh it must be for the kids. Many of these kids are goaded, pushed and even forced to contest in these reality shows against their will by parents who themselves were unable to follow their dreams. Almost unwittingly these parents end up pushing their wards down a deep, dark hole that is impossible to crawl out of. Then there are those reality shows that will push the envelope just that little more, for the sake of #TelevisionRatings. If that means pitting one contestant against the other or manipulating situations so that they get cosy with each other, so be it. There was even an infamous #RealityShow in the US that focused on the unstable (and dangerous) lifestyle of a former child prodigy alleged to have encouraged the leading man to try and kill himself in front of the cameras. He failed to but that is a different matter.

But it is not like reality shows are bad or can have only bad repercussions. For the record, these same reality shows gave India it’s two biggest playback female singers, #SunidhiChauhan (Meri Awaaz Suno) and #ShreyaGhoshal (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa) who grew from child prodigies to the leading female vocalists of #Bollywood today. But the journey from the reality show to eventual fame is far from easy and is not for the faint hearted. Support from family and friends helps one stay grounded and in touch with reality. Fame can easily go to the head and adulation can make the best of us swollen headed. So while it is not wrong to hanker after money, success and fame it is important not to lose it. If things do not go to plan. This is the world of Reality television. Where anything can go awry. Anytime.

Mr Tambourine Man finally accepts his Nobel Prize

A good five months (it was in October last year when the announcement was made) after he became the first songwriter ever to be awarded the coveted Nobel Prize for his immeasurable contributions in the field of literature, Bob Dylan finally accepted the award at a private ceremony in Stockholm. Thereby he put an end to all the ‘Will he, Won’t he?’ asking doubting Thomases, many of whom perceived this dilly-dallying to be impolite and even arrogant behavior. The ceremony itself took place at a secret (??) location in Stockholm with no members of the press or media invited to cover the event. The members of the Swedish Academy who were at the champagne-laced event must have been on tenterhooks what with April 1st (Fool’s Day) chosen by Dylan as the date on which he finally accepted the gold medal and Diploma. These come as part of the Nobel Prize as does the prize money of 8 million kronor (a little less than $ one million) The prize money imbroglio is a whole different story.

Dylan had set the cat among the pigeons in December of last year when he skipped an event organised to present him with the Nobel Prize citing ‘pre-existing commitments’ as the reason for not being present in person. But not too many people bought it and one cannot really blame them either. For two whole weeks after the Nobel Prize for literature was bestowed on Dylan he did not utter a single word. No customary thank yous, no press statement, no reaction at all. The silence was just deafening. Dylan who was bang in the middle of a tour at the time when the announcement came could have said something from the stage even but strangely enough chose not to. And all this while there was a heated debate on to question the wisdom behind awarding the Nobel to the mercurial troubadour in the first place. When Dylan finally did speak the reason he gave for his befuddling silence was that he had been left ‘speechless’ It was vintage Dylan.

But when Dylan failed to turn up and receive the Nobel Prize in person, it sparked off an acrimonious controversy with the Swedish Academy issuing what some would call a veiled threat to Dylan. They reminded him that he had six months (from December) within which he HAD TO give a lecture failing which he would not see any of the $900,000 prize money. And for good measure the Academy threw the rule book at Dylan while giving him the option of either delivering a lecture or as an alternative do a gig for them. Not too many artists would think twice before getting this done with. After all it was almost a million dollars that was at stake here. But Dylan being Dylan would simply not take the bait. A rebel in every sense of the word, he was as anti establishment as they come. And one suspects he still is.

And lest we forget it were his songs from the 1960s like “Blowin’in the Wind”, “The Times, They are A-Changin” and ” Masters of War” which became anthems during the civil rights movement. Sample these lines:

How many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they’re forever banned?

How many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?

How many deaths will it take ’til he knows
That too many people have died?

The answer,my friend,is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind

These are lines that resonated with folks back then, resonate with folks even today and will continue to do so. For a long,long time. Forget the lecture, forget the prize money. For Dylan it was never really about hankering for awards, even those as prestigious as the Nobel. Hope the Swedish Academy realises this, sooner than later.

Begum Jaan – Mandi 2.0 Reloaded

From the first day we have been fighting the wrong enemy;our common enemy is religion which dictates upon us division and partition – M.F.Moonzajer


Perhaps the most brutal and horrifying instance of human genocide happened in the early 1940s during the Holocaust where millions of European Jews were killed by the German Nazis of #Hitler. The Eastern part of the world had it’s own #Holocaust, it was the bloody #PartitionOfIndia in 1947. Not only were millions killed in the ensuing melee but millions of others were displaced forever. Hollywood has made some gut wrenching movies on the Holocaust (SCHINDLER’S LIST comes to mind right away) but nothing comes close to the poignant LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Closer home apart from the little seen yet very acclaimed GARAM HAVA (by M.S. Sathyu)there has been precious little. Unless you count the disturbing and violent film made for television ‘TAMAS’ directed by the inimitable #GovindNihalani. So in that sense this week’s new release BEGUM JAAN deserves plaudits for making Partition as the backdrop.



#1983 was a watershed year in Hindi cinema. The year saw the release of Govind Nihalani’s hard hitting cop saga ARDH SATYA and it was also the year in which #KundanShah’s cult black comedy JAANE BHI DO YAARON hit screens. And last but most certainly not the least, Shyam Benegal’s stunning MANDI which seems to have inspired the director of BEGUM JAAN who is credited with the story. It also tells the story of a madame (read Begum) running a thriving brothel who is one day suddenly asked to vacate the premises. For dramatic effect, the BEGUM JAAN director transports the brothel to the era of partition where as luck would have it, the Begum’s rundown palace sits right between India & Pakistan. Will Begum Jaan and her girls survive the ordeal? That forms the crux of BEGUM JAAN


One of the shining stars of BEGUM JAAN is Kausar Munir, the very talented poetess and writer who has so far made a name in films by penning lyrics. In BEGUM JAAN she shows her versatility by writing script, screenplay and dialogues too. In fact the profanity ridden lines that Begum’s character speaks all through the movie are very impactful as is the heart rending dialogue spoken by the character of Gauhar Khan to her lover. The screenplay is riveting and many scenes stay with you much after BEGUM JAAN has got over.


The music for the film is by #AnuMalik and though they are quite soulful to listen to it is the Holi song that really stands out. The sublime ‘Prem me Tore’ rendered by the legend Asha tai herself is an added bonus. BEGUM JAAN is a remake of the Bengali original helmed by the very same director but where the Bengali film was a good three hours long, the Hindi remake is pruned down to 134 minutes of running time. In a film with a subject as complex as that of partition, so many side tracks (the sordid tales & love stories of the girls who work for Begum) and sub plots (like the one where a spurned admirer of Begum plots her downfall) the editing by Monisha Baldawa (of #NEERJA fame) makes the whole film look hurried and difficult for the viewers to empathise with any of the inmates of the brothel.

The camerawork by Gopi Bhagat who has done only Bengali films so far is not bad but the trouble is that the whole Kotha of BEGUM JAAN has a larger than life feel to it and unlike MANDI which was raw and real making the whole thing look unbelievable. Also the idea of the director to show the two Indian politicians in half a frame each (symbolic of partition) only makes for unintentional guffaws. The casting of the 11 girls in BEGUM JAAN leaves a lot to be desired. Again instead of opting for real women, the makers opt for curvaceous, model like women most of whom look unconvincing.


For a film that has so many actors in practically every frame very few of them register with the audience. Among them count Ila Arun who keeps telling the young girls stories of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and other fearless fighters, Pallavi Sharada as the fiesty Gulabo who kills her lover for two timing her and Gauhar Khan as the girl closest to Begum who falls in love with a servant at the ‘Kotha’ Of the men in the film, not one has a well written role. Naseeruddin Shah, as the heartless king on whom the Begum has her hopes pinned, seems to have continued from where he left off in THE DIRTY PICTURE. Pitobash Tripathy (terrific in SHOR IN THE CITY) reminds you of a younger Rajpal Yadav, not the comic but the psycho from RGV’s Jungle. Vivek Mushran in the role of a two faced ‘Masterji’ is as always terrible and the two veteran actors, Rajit Kapoor and Ashish Vidyarthi have seen better days. Finally it is left to actor Chunky Pandey to save the blushes for all men. Virtually unrecognisable in what is probably a career best role, he shines as the psychopathic murderer who loves to quote Kabir.

As with most recent films starring her, BEGUM JAAN again belongs almost entirely to Vidya Balan. My Body. My House.My Country.My Rules says a tagline from the film’s poster and Vidya embodies this in scene after scene of the film. Whether she is taking up cudgels for her girls like a concerned mother or ruthlessly trading one of those girls in exchange for a favour, holding forth on menopause with a hookah or holding fort against her enemies with a gun in hand, Vidya stands head and shoulders above everyone else. The only trouble is that increasingly Vidya is turning out to the best thing about her films. And sometimes, the saving grace even.


National award winning Bengali director Srijit Mukherji makes his Hindi debut with BEGUM JAAN and though it is a remake of his own 2015 film, Rajkahini he quite inexplicably has tried to tweak it to suit the sensibilities of Hindi film audience. Perhaps the Bhatts producing this remake had something to do with it. The result is a film that is neither here nor there. Where some scenes leave you with goosebumps, others come across as crass and bordering on voyeuristic. Like the very first scene reminding one chillingly of the ghastly Nirbhaya incident & gets linked to the last scene, then a scene where a character demystifies a woman’s breasts and another where the pet dog of the house is served for buffet. There are many scenes like this which will leave you stumped for words and perhaps even disgusted. For a director who dedicates his film to fearless writers like Manto & Chugtai his depiction of unabashed feminism on the screen leaves a lot to be desired.


BEGUM JAAN is another missed opportunity. The story had explosive potential but the execution is far too inconsistent to make a big impact on the audience. As the film progresses partition becomes incidental to the plot which is again a mistake. BEGUM JAAN is good, bad and ugly. In equal measure. Fortunately it is shot on a tight budget which should ensure that nobody loses money. Our recommendation is simple. Wait for the ‘World Television Premiere’ of BEGUM JAAN.

Heart of the city Hyderabad- heart shaped Hussain Sagar

From a long time it was curious for some people to find out why the Hyderabadi people like coming and gathering in Hussain Sagar Lake? What specialty has this place? Everyone knows the fact that, Hyderabad is full of attractive places to visit, however this place appeals  more that day and night crowded with people. Definitely, all these recreationals here like Buddha Statue, various type of boating , greenery surrounding that one can make picnic,  outing with family or friends, cruising are unrejectable enjoyable facts that people come to this lake in spite of that it is artificial. But majority of population of Hyderabad come to refresh their mind and themselves, to sit and walk around the lake, particularly night time it  is more beautiful and attractive. As well as , the more  information I revealed about Hussain Sagar , the more tremendously it referred to the history. It came out that, it is not just a simple lake.

Hussain Sagar lake is the largest heart shaped mark among the marks: 78 heart shaped lakes and 9 heart shaped islands on the face of the earth. The lake has international remarkable appreciation throughout the world, becoming the symbol of love as it is heart shaped spot. It express the wonder, discover of love among the nations.

A heritage of India was declared as Heart of the World  by UNWTO on 27 September 2012, on the occasion of  World Tourism Day, for being the world largest heart shaped  mark. Logo for the “Heart of the World” was inaugurated  by H.E Mr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, United Nations  World Tourism Organization.(UNWTO), Madrid-Spain, in the year 2013.

The real story of establishing this beautiful heritage is much appealing. The heart shaped man- made lake was built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah. The king built this lake for the purpose of drinking water and irrigation showing his deep love towards his nation. He appointed one of his subordinates at the same time relative Hussain Shah Wali to control the construction of the artificial lake . It was sprawled across on the tributary of the river Musi and was built in 1562. Hussain Sagar lake was the main water source supply to Hyderabad before Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar were built on the river Musi. it is spread across the area of 5.7 square km and the maximum depth of the lake is 32 feet.

The lake initially constructed to provide a drinking water to people but it is not used as a drinking water source since 1930. It was named after Hazrath Hussain Shawali-Sufi saint medical practitioner and architect of the lake, to express gratitude for the Hussain’s treatment  that was given to the king during his sickness and made him recover from sickness.

The uniqueness of the lake lies in the fact that it connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It has been bordered by Indian Park, Sanjeevaiah Park and Lumbini Park; the lake present the setting quite rare to find in the middle of any city.

The most significant attraction of the Sagar lake is the Statue of Buddha on the Gibraltar Rock. This Buddha is the world tallest monolithic stone statue Gautama Buddha located in Hyderabad. It stands over a concrete platform measuring 15 feet tall as ” The Rock of Gibraltar” was constructed in the middle of Hussain Sagar to aid on erecting the statue. The statue was constructed by Sri N. T Rama Rao-Prime Minister of Andhra Pradesh at that time between 1983 to 1989. The idea of building the statue came to his mind when he was visited New York and saw astonishing beauty of Statue of Liberty. Which after decided to build such symbol in Hyderabad as well for the development of culture and it will be his contribution to Indian society. His words sounded priceless when he said about Buddha: “he was a humanitarian, who told the whole truth to the people as will always  be pride of Indian culture for he preached peace.”

Though there were some unpleasant cases with the Buddha Statue at that time, nowadays it is the most favorite fascinate place of the people.

To the list of interesting and enjoyable things in H. Sagar includes various type of boating such as speed boating, motor boating , parasailing and etc. Lake and it’s environs have several scenic spots. The roads around the lake Tank Bund or nice Necklace Road shared the beauty of the lake, especially at night you stuck by tiny sparkle of the raw of lights outlining the lake.

Giving these points , its important to realize that Hussain Sagar is a location people always select to spend their time with pleasure. Particularly, beautiful gardens on both sides, decorated foot path and benches draw attention and habitually these places are busy in the evenings. Because people regularly come  here to see the view of illuminated night, breath fresh air. They say, together with these all it is a perfect place for sitting and thinking about life, world. Thus  ever most of the working people in returning to their homes once visit this  space. Just because they like it. And in the evenings you can find young generation who are having fun around Hussain Sagar. Just because they like it. There are 33 attractive spots in the State of Andhra Pradesh, but Hussain Sagar is special one.

We don’t want love, we want unstoppable fun…

In today’s world making relationship become so tough and unbearable. It’s mostly similar to cheating because we are ok when there is a communication shortcuts. From the time when majority of the countries accepted “American Democracy”  and of course the impact of new innovative technologies changed the whole world of the people; common relationships like love , friendship, attitudes between parents and children have been modified remarkably. Observing the people around you easily understand most of the things become artificial. In addition to it, many countries government accepted and stated the fact that everyone is free of opinion and has full of rights despite their gender, race and religion. This is the reason why to some extend the attitude to women, their place in society and their behavior have been changing still  and treatments towards them as well. This also has influenced to the  interpretation of treatments or relationships.

Let’s take love, love between boy and girl become so easy and feeling-less nowadays. Seems like inspirable and real love that we read on book and watched on TV is far more different. Before it was so thrilling to see guys doing their best to keep their love, to please them, to fight for them if someone is disagree for their love and even after separating they never change their love  to another, keep  loving the one through their whole life…. Seeing this , you wanted to love… As the name is saying , it was in books …not in reality. Today’s youth are too much careless about their relationship. When distance separating them or when they fight, none side does any afford to save their love, because of  their pride , in this way they fall apart and love vanishes as well. And it doesn’t take long when you see them with another one , another entertainment. Why it is like this? Why it becomes so easy? It is not love we are looking for, only excitement and thrill in life. We want someone to watch movies and party with, not someone who understand us even in our deepest silence.

Not only love, friendship treatments also modified. Who were unseperatable true friends before, now are not talking and  looking to each other. For the sake of business and benefit, own priority one can today trick and betray even long years friendship. And the most surprising fact is that , these friends and lover  couples mostly live, study or are working in the same establishments and when they come across to each other they behave themselves soo artistic like don’t know each other.

The only question that comes to mind every time: why ? why people become so careless, rude? what is the main reason not caring about anything and anyone? It turns out , we forgot what is making sacrifices, the compromises, to invest our time and energy to maintain our relationship last and love grow… That’s why most youth are not looking for love. They just want unstoppable fun, lots of fun, thrilling and amazing experiences that last long. And if we don’t get excitement, bored from any relationship, here we crave, go on to the next one. This is how modern relationships form based on conveniences. Because we think that we don’t have time and patience to long relationships, to develop love. Instead of meeting to face to face, making physical  relationship, we are used to chatting, writing and texting in various social sites. That is also one of the major sources that tremendously affecting to the attitude between people. This, on it’s way producing cold faces and treatments. We start preferring attraction instead of love. And whenever we disappointed or  someone doesn’t meet our expectations, we immediately break up... so sad…so sorrowful. This is the reality of present times.

All things considered , it seems reasonable to assume that love is sacred feeling, and it is not given to everyone. Together with, relationships are valuable, doesn’t matter which kind of. It’s not easy to conquer someone’s heart and belief, once you did it, appreciate it. Don’t use technology as a dating resource, value time and people, as they both precious. Do an afford to make unforgettable memories that makes you live forever in the mind of the people, not just time-pass.



” Real life begins at night….”

By day each soul must walk within its shadow,
Only night can make us whole again….
Nicholas Gordon.

God creatings are always amazing. Night is also like this. Though it is dark and black, but attractive and charming. Have you ever looked up to the sky and just stare in amazement at  how beautiful it is? It is cool, clear and quiet. Night like this …is perfect.

In fact , we have day and nights, because the earth rotates. When the earth faces away from the Sun, it doesn’t receive any light, so we have nights. Night- it is the period of darkness between the sunset and sunrise,  time between morning and evening. It is the tune of darkness between one day and the next the time of the day when no light from the sun can be seen.

There are so many things in our life associated with night. When we speak about the night, there are advantages and disadvantages, good and bad ideas about it. Various culture, literature have different opinion about night. For instance, in Islam night is considered significant, as the QUR’AN was revealed during the Night of Power, Prophet Muhammad had his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem in the night and etc. Nevertheless, in some literatures , night oftenly linked with darkness which is historically symbolic in many cultures for villainy, lack of knowledge. They say, night is often associated with danger and evil. People say  night is danger and evil, as they have belief that ghosts, vampires wonder around absolutely during night time.

On the other hand there are advantages as well. As artificial lighting has improved, especially after Industrial Revolution, night time actively increased in our life and become an essential part of economy in most places. A lot of establishments like shops, markets , night clubs , pubs, fast food restaurants , distribution facilities, police stations now operate 24 hours a day or stay open at least until 1 or 2 am. Sometimes moonlight also make it possible to travel or work outdoors at night.

Must be remembered here that , real life begins at night. Night is the time of fantasy. It is the moments of romance, time of dreaming and relaxation. It is inspirational to see illuminations and lights in the streets, the moon, stars and the dark blue sky at night that highlight the beauty of the night once more.  While during the whole day when most people are awake and busy with work and other things, night time is given for them to take a rest, enjoy. The most important job of the night is sleeping, it prepares our body for tomorrow’s hard day , repairs.

Different from the day, though day is much more productive than night, there is still something really fascinating , charming and personal in night. Why do you think that most of the couples choose night for dating? Most of the holiday celebrations are also done at night. Because night is different. And everything totally different at night. You notice things you didn’t before. It is impossible to imagine night without sparkling streetlights. The streetlights , other outside lights make everything around you seem foreign and exciting. Lights shine more brightly because of the contrast with the darkness surrounding them as they usually are overwhelmed by  the sun day time.

At night we are all strangers even to ourselves. The feeling of loneliness and emptiness that often night brings  can be thought-provoking. Minds work better and memories become stronger. Flashback always seem to come at night with more clarity that allows you to think better. Most solutions are thought up at night, the trick is remembering them next day! When you think about the day automatically comes to your mind hectic schedule, the arranges you have to run, the work you have to done. Nighttime is the time you can distress and get some alone.

Night is so beautiful and unique time that should be taken advantage of. Night time we get the chance to enjoy peace and quite in places you never  would  during day time. The cool windy weather of the night make you feel refresh and relax. Night appeal and charm people to make conversations. The most memorable and meaningful conversations with family and friends happen in the middle of the night. There must be something comforting about nighttime, because people tend to open up and get in deep discussions only then. Night- time to do whatever you want!

“India makes me to come back again….”

India is one of such kind of places that unbelievably attract at the same time can disappoint people.There are  so many places in the world that are so appealing, wonderful and mysterious. In fact, whole the world is incredible and mysterious in our life. But India is specifically incredible country.

There are overwhelming evidence to suggest that foreigners, tourists and particularly students who are doing their studies abroad persuaded the fact that they love India as well as it irritates and tension them. It is very interesting to know here how it can give two controversy impression on  people. In most cases , people’s first impression about India do not come out the thing that they expected from…it’s usually desperation , frustration, irritation…

As a matter of fact, there are too many facts that make you sad and you can’t ignore, when we speak about country of romance and love.  The main one is that, most of the cities of India are polluted and dirty, more worse citizens do it themselves. Surprisingly, most of the people worship people, cricketers so badly that makes you think they are crazy. It’s a pity to see even after several years of independence people, in particular children suffering from starvation , eating leftovers in the streets, disrespect to women ,violence, protests, urinating outsides, spitting, big queues in  banks and  governmental offices…Regretfully, despite all these facts, people continue to live in  utter ignorance….  These are sorrowful reality that you come across in India, real life besides the curtain, besides the films that they produce where life is beautiful.

Here is the words of the student who came to Hyderabad for the first time to study: “After the pick  up of all students at the airport by EFLU university transport we started our way towards hostel. Everyone with emotions was looking around  to see what India shows about itself. Airport was amazing, however from the time when the bus came inside Hyderabad city, everyone’s eyes become bigger and bigger from astonishment….dark, dirty, slums, people sleeping outside; walking without shoes, cooking at the streets, men’s taking a leak outside without any shamelessness….    oooh, it is nightmare, where  we came? This is India we dreamed? “- everyone was asking these questions. Unexplainably, it knocked me out more , when I saw in people and experienced myself during the period of living , I loved India, I felt like my home. When  first time I came to India for a short period, after some months of culture shock, it draws me more. It was difficult to separate with the place , where I was happy. It made me to come back again. And I know more people who do this…”

It is not only one person’s confession, many foreigners acknowledge that whenever they want to make a trip or change the atmosphere they come to India in spite of the fact that they have been here before.

India is magical and romantic. India is happiness. India is incredible. It ties down without the threads to itself. It’s colorful culture, various delicious cuisine, beautiful landscapes, specialty of mountains and beaches, bright holidays and festivals that you cannot see in another place, different national costumes…. These are all the principal features that are unique and has brought India up in the popularity charts all over the world. Moreover, Indian nation are very friendly, lovely kind and hospitable, as well as there are more good people in India than anywhere else. You hear  anywhere that they habitually ready to help people, especially if it is foreigners.

One more  interesting fact is that, maybe it is the only country which have so much issues such as poverty, suicides, rapes, society problems…but the people consider it positive and take it easy. They know the way how to solve these problems; even though most of them are starving and have nothing to wear, they are happy.

All in all , it can be concluded with the words that India is a place of inspiration, plenty of inspiration. Everything inspires you , the Himalayas, holidays, people, the beaches, cuisine, culture, even the smell of the land…..


I am proud to be a woman, we women can change the world!

“Listen to me Amin”- I said slowly.” Listen to me very carefully. Nothing is the same .Nothing will ever be the same. There lives on this earth a woman who can be my friend and my lover. Do you understand that? Do you understand what a marvelous thing that is?”

“A friend is a friend,”- Ushman interrupted. “and a woman is a woman. YOU can’t have them in one person. The whole world knows that.”

“If that’s what the whole world knows,….. then the whole world is wrong. I believed the whole world and I

lost her.”

The words of the author of book “Seven Daughters and Seven Sons” confirm the fact of  significant and unquestionable position of the woman in our life without which it becomes nothing.

Women are the mother of mankind. They are inherent part of society. The role of the women in our contemporary society is different and vary compared  to another gender. Every woman plays many roles like a mother, daughter , sister and wife. they play these roles with many responsibilities in upbringing a good community. They are created as a companion for men and men have to make women  to walk with them in course of life.

Markedly, she is the most complete and perfect creation of God. They are the symbol of beauty, similarly they are treated as goddess in many communities. In previous societies in some period of life women had high position and recognition, more authority and power.Even temples had been dedicated to them as they were able to interfere to family inherent rights. Together with, she symbolize independence, love, caring, gentleness, intensity in love. Its impossible to imagine our life without the care and love of women. Because love comes with woman.

To point out one more important thing is historically women have been treated unrespectedly, undervalued and underestimated, various injustice happened with her. They were expected to stay at home, look after children, supposed principal duty-to continue race; as well as take care of household duties. Only man had superiority; could study and work. woman considered as weak and had very inferior place. However  this conception on the mind of  the people has been modified throughout years. The role of the women in society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades. Different type of strikes, national movements and fighting done in various period giving its seeds. It was not easy to change the traditions that has been entrenched in our systems through ages. But why not? They don’t resonate with our present reality; they are no longer true for us. The whole Universe is ever-changing, why we should stuck in old age system that no longer serve any purpose?

At present, the importance and place of the women both in family and and modern community has changed and still changing for the better. Their role has become more prominent and dominant than before. Also simultaneously   they take part in many social functions of the communities achieving high positions in offices and companies as ambassadors, ministers, woman commander- in chief and so on. We can see them in every fields of society such as economic, education, army, technology even politic. Now modern women can go to school to study what they want. Their function are quite active and this definitely make the world better since both men and women can work together to improve and build it more perfect. However, in some distant places and poor areas in several countries women still suffering from the unfairness, injustice , violation. This should be intensely prevented. Because they are the soul of family; means society. And community can’t develop without women.

In general, the women nowadays could heighten their role. According to the latest researches, women make up more than 50 percent of population in the world. Thus, they are significant in each society; for men ; for the continuation of generation. They changed all the treatment towards them. Knowledge is power, modern women know this. They try to become a women in  knowledge. They want the others , especially men to cease regarding as a second-class citizens. Women want to raise their own voice and elucidate their thoughts. Women are blessed with enough patience to stay and enough strength to move on.

Last but not least, women are the spirit and the happiness of our families. Its unrejectable, they have remarkable influence. there is a women at the beginning of all things. behind every great man must be a great woman. I am proud to be a woman , because we -women can change the world. Mark Twain said:” what would men be without women? Scarce, sir….scarce.” Its true, impossible to imagine life without women.